Born May 3, 1999

Saira is a wonderful helper. She is growing into a terrific young lady. She assists around the house with many responsibilities and the younger children respect her authority when she asks them to do something. She enjoys school, and prides herself on receiving good grades.


Saira was just a baby when father died of a snake bite.  Her father was a preacher in the mountains.  Their mother moved to Catacamas after their father's death and attempted to raise all 8 children on her own.  She was unable to take care of all of them. She left the 7 younger children in the care of the oldest daughter, who at the time was only 16, and went to the United States.  Their mother has not been back since.

Saira was 6 years old when she came to Por Los Niños in 2005.  She was anemic and suffered from parasites when she first entered the home.  

Although Saira had never attended school before coming to Por Los Niños, she is now doing well in school. She is very smart and loves to make others happy.

Update: Saira was baptized in March of 2012!


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